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Voice Over IP Business Phone Systems in NJ

At American Business Communications Services, Inc., we provide state of the art business phone systems. NJ businesses can reap the benefits of the Toshiba IPedge and ViPedge cloud based telephone server. This new technology can give your company a competitive edge.

Toshiba is proud to announce the release of IPedge, a pure IP system for business telephone services. The IP edge system performs call processing, voice mail, unified messaging, media processing which includes conferencing and paging, meet-me conferencing with web collaboration, centralized management, Call Manager unified communications, and more. IP-edge uses Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 for the base operating system that provides a high level of scalability and security. We are one of Toshiba's largest nation account service providers. No matter where you are located in the United States we can provide a competitive quote. 1.800.836.8383 or

IP Enabled Systems

With the launch of IPedge, Toshiba will be carrying and supporting two separate and complimentary product lines, IPedge and Strata CIX systems. IPedge is a software centric platform designed for customers who want to deploy on an all IP network infrastructure to realize the savings of managing a single network. Strata CIX40, CIX100, CIX200, CIX670 and CIX1200 systems continue to provide excellent converged solutions for customers who want a mix of IP, digital, and analog endpoint devices connected to their system along with IP telephony applications. IPedge and Strata CIX solutions can also work together as networked systems.

Whether you chose the Toshiba IPT 5000 desk phone or the Toshiba Soft IPT Desktop phone for your PC or PDA, all of which you can operate from anywhere in the world through the internet as if you were sitting right at your desk in your office!

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Simple migration

Why not have the best of both worlds? For most businesses, the migration path to IP telephony will be a gradual process rather than an event in time. Rather than acquiring new IP-PBX technology through system replacement at higher cost and higher risk, it is expected that most enterprises will integrate voice and data IP traffic into their existing systems as the need arises. This approach protects your investment in existing voice, video, and data networks and represents a low risk migration path. If you're thinking this way, you're not alone.

  • Industry sources show that most enterprises with existing investment in traditional PBX systems prefer this lower cost and lower risk transitional approach to IP integration, accomplished through the addition of IP hardware and software to existing traditional PBX systems.

  • This is also a less disruptive approach that enables IP-based services, yet maintains the existing rich set of features and functions as well as the reliability of the circuit-switched PBX. IP-ready When You Are Industry analysts identify the primary obstacles impeding organizations from migrating to converged networks are perceptions about voice quality over IP, system reliability, interoperability with existing systems, and cost. Toshiba recognizes that to grow and stay competitive, business enterprises must be able to incorporate the latest IP technologies into their communication systems both cost effectively and without disrupting the flow of business.
For example:
  • The Strata CTX100 and CTX670 are reliable and feature rich IP-ready PBX systems using high quality digital telephones. These same digital telephones, as well as IP telephones, can also cost effectively communicate over your IP data network to support remote telephone users, and they can do so in any location. By IP-enabling the Strata CTX, remote telephone users via your IP network get the same feature functionality as those locally connected to the PBX.

  • The Strata CS is an IP-ready communication server, using various means to provide effective voice communication over your IP data network, including both digital telephones and IP telephones. By IP-enabling the Strata CS, remote digital telephone users get the same feature functionality as those locally connected to the PBX, and remote IP telephone users via your IP network get the same feature functionality as analog telephone users locally connected.

  • These IP-enabling capabilities can be added to Strata systems on an as-needed basis. By IP-enabling existing systems, your investment in these systems is protected while leveraging the power of the Internet and your IP data network infrastructure.

  • Using this approach, Toshiba is transforming today's traditional voice telephone systems into IP converged communication systems. The Future of IP Telephony in the Enterprise No enterprise application is being more impacted by convergence to IP than voice communication. Most industry analysts predict that voice for enterprises will become more IP-based to support remote user and other applications. Traditional telephone systems, which are TDM based, will gradually be upgraded with IP capabilities as needed, so the Strata CTX you buy today will meet your needs and IP applications both now and in the future. For most enterprises, IP technology will evolve in various forms to serve their applications in the future. Enterprises need this flexibility to meet their needs and give them options to ease into IP technology as their needs develop.

  • Their existing traditional PBX systems will take on more IP-enabling capabilities on an add-on as-needed basis.

  • New types of IP-PBX systems will provide pure IP alternatives for those who want to make the transition to an all IP environment.

  • The most successful providers of these business telephone systems products will offer a product mix that offers customers a choice of the type approach that best meets their needs. As one of the leaders in the industry, Toshiba is committed to the business telecommunications marketplace with robust product lines and one of the longest track records in this business.

  • Toshiba provides both traditional type telephone systems, using proprietary hardware, and communication server telephone systems, based upon the use of Windows PC servers, both of which offer IP-enabling options that you can add as you need them.

  • Toshiba will also offer a pure IP-PBX system and a family of IP telephones if you choose to make the leap to a pure IP communications environment.

Your IPedge in today's market

Peer-to-Peer Compatibility Peer-to-Peer functionality allows Toshiba's IP 5000-series telephones to communicate with other 5000-series Toshiba IP telephones directly over IP. In conjunction with the new Strata CIX converged IP telephone system, when a call is made from one IP telephone to another, the voice packets travel over IP directly from one telephone to the other, eliminating the need for packets to first travel from a telephone to the telephone system before heading to their destination. This enhancement improves voice quality by reducing latency, and it reduces overall IP bandwidth requirements.

Trust American Business Communications Services, Inc., for innovative business phone systems. NJ commercial businesses located in Hackensack, or anywhere in the Tri-State area can call today to make an appointment for us to come to you to give a live demonstration of this amazing new technology.

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