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Music on Hold
OHP-6000 digital music on-hold player. Instead of having your callers listening to a static radio or dead silence, why not have them listen to your own custom on-hold message? Now it's even easier to sound like a Fortune 500 company. This revolutionary digital on-hold playback system supports MP3 and WMA audio formats, so it's remarkably easy to use! The OHP-6000 has 16MB of on-board memory, preloaded with over 57 minutes of great sounding royalty-free music content, so it's ready to go right out of the box. Add new content by connecting the player to your PC via the USB port, or just transfer your files to a Smart Media Card and slip it in. By adding your own Smart Media Card, you can increase the memory to a whopping 128MB and over 9 hours of content! Once you've loaded in the music, the On Hold Plus does not need to be connected to a computer to play. Best of all, there are no moving parts, and non-volatile memory retains your recorded messages in memory even after power failure! Comes complete with MessageStudio Software (Windows-only, Mac requires Virtual PC software), all power cords and cables, complete instructions, and a certificate for a FREE on-hold message customized with your business name when you register your product with the manufacturer.

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