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Digital Cordless Phone
Stay Fully Productive While On The Go! Our Cordless Digital 900 MHz Telephones are custom designed to provide most functions of a Toshiba digital desk phone. In fact, they're the only cordless phones that give you access to these advanced features: Can share the same station port and extension number with your digital desk phone, enabling you to use either telephone as needed. Follows the same call forwarding and station hunting sequences. Switch between your cordless and digital desk phones even during a call! LCD displays Caller ID information and concise feature-operation instructions which simplify feature use. Provides four feature buttons you can use for multi-line access or to program directory numbers, CO lines or the calling features you use most. Significantly longer range than conventional cordless phones. Go Mobile With The Advanced Features Of Your Toshiba Digital Desk Phone Maximum security is also built into the Toshiba Cordless Digital Telephones. Spread-spectrum technology and narrow band technology minimizes outsiders' ability to scan the phone's frequency range, safeguarding your private conversations.
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